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Working During COVID19

How we are keeping our customers, projects and Team safe.

General Safety Protocols:

We have adopted safety protocols developed by the BC Construction Safety Alliance in partnership with Provincial Health organizations. Below are the current guidelines in place for construction sites:

  • Reduce the number of people on-site to facilitate physical distancing between workers. If needed, adjust schedules, alternate shifts or scale back operations.

  • Wear PPE when required.

  • Workers should not congregate in break areas and lunchrooms.

  • Workers should not share PPE.

  • Workers should not share tools.

  • Introduce extra handwashing stations.

  • Do not spit on worksites.

  • Do not share cigarettes and/or vaping equipment.

  • Do not use sea cans as breakrooms.

  • Do not rideshare / carpool to / from work with people outside your household.

  • Clean out jobsite trailers daily - arrange for commercial cleaners to clean and disinfect areas of the project.

  • Introduce an on-site COVID-19 committee to create a best practice plan to ensure worker safety. Involve the workers when possible.

  • Create a pandemic task force focused on supporting your company’s staff and customers.

  • Make sure workers know about the Ministry of Health self-assessment tool.

  • Make sure workers know they should not come to work if they are feeling sick

All of our sites will include posters that promote social distancing practicing good hygiene. Our sites will also include handwashing stations and areas where workers can take breaks without being in tight quarters with other team members.

Meeting with Customers:

Fortunately, the majority of our work is outside, so social distancing when meeting with customers is relatively easy. When it is necessary to meet a customer in person then we will practice social distancing by keeping away at least two-meters. Prior to meeting our mangers will ask a few preliminary questions to screen for possible symptoms of COVID19. If we suspect that there may be a chance of contracting COVID19, the meeting will be postponed or cancelled. 

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