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When you don't have the budget to build you dream outdoor oasis

Sometimes you may not have all the resources necessary to get your project started. Luckily there are a few options to get started right away.

Option 1: Do the Project in Phases

Often landscape projects can be completed in two or more phases. A good landscaper will be able to help plan the phases in a way makes each project look like standalone projects so that if you are unable to complete all the phases right away your yard will still be functional and look good.

Phases provide opportunities to break down a large project into small ones so that they are easier to afford but keep in mind that the price of the combined phases will likely cost 10-20% more than doing the entire project in one phase.

Option 2: Project Financing

Some Landscape contractors may offer project financing through a third party financing company. Northern Earthworks Solutions has partnered with an institution called Financeit. They offer to finance for Home Improvement projects for up to $60,000.

Project financing gives you the flexibility to pay a portion or all of the project up front and then make easy monthly payments over a few years. Naturally, this adds to the over cost but makes up for that by being able to build your dream project today rather than waiting a few years. Waiting will also increase the price usually at a minimum of 3% year after years, which compounded will cost more than the original financing interest.

Option 3: Adjust the size of the project to meet your Budget

Sometimes it is possible to scale back the size of the project to fit your immediate budget or by adjusting the materials used to make it more cost effective.

Communicating the intended purpose of your project will make decision making much easier when discussing the project with your landscape contractor.

To easily schedule a consult with Northern Earthworks Solutions and begin a great landscaping experence click here.


Cory Klein is the Founder or Northern Earthworks Solutions and prides himself on creating great landscaping experiences for our customers. To contact Cory directly you can email or call (250) 961-2703.

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